Fabric Barrier

Fabric Weed Barrier allows water to penetrate through while preventing weeds from coming up.
3’ x 50’
3’ x 100’
3’ x 300’
4’ x 50’
4’ x 100’
4' x 300’

Pool Covers

32’ x 50’
32’ x 100’

Stretch Wrap

This clear stretch wrap is most commonly used for wrapping pallet material. Sold by the roll or in cases of 4.
Also Known As: Shrink Wrap
18” x 500’

Gator Geo-Grid GG 30-30

Gator Grid GG 30-30, a biaxial geogrid, provides strength, longevity, excellent stress transfer and prevents failure of the internal structure of landing areas, retaining walls and steep slopes. As a biaxial geogrid, GG 30-30 has a height molecular weight as well as high tenacity polyester yarns which are woven in tension and finished with a PVC coating.
4' x 50’