EZ Straw Lawn Repair Mix

This organic lawn repair mix has been tested and proven to work faster and cover twice as much area as leading brands. 10% more grass seed than suggested to ensure the best results. Just spread the mix, then water! Organic fertilizer helps the lawn grow lush and green. The natural tacking substance helps the mix to stay in place. Beautiful grass in approximately seven to ten days!
Size: 11 Lb
Coverage: Up to 200 Sq Ft

EZ Straw Blanket

This Grass Seed Germination Blanket is a non-toxic biodegradable blanket used as a cover for freshly planted grass seed. 15 Wood Stakes are included to secure blanket to ground.
Size: 4’ x 50”
Coverage: 200 Sq Ft

Straw Bales

Perfect for covering grass seed or muddy areas.
Size(LENGTH X WIDTH X HEIGHT): 36” X 18” X 14”

EZ Wildflower Mix

Cusom blend of approximately 25 annual and perennials, mostly native seed. Spreads EZ, and retains moisture. A range of maturities, plant heights, and picturesque blossom of color. Convenient bag with handle, leaves no mess.
Size: 11 Lb
Coverage: Up to 200 Sq Ft

EZ Deer Forage

The first all in one combination deer forage mix. Formulated with preferred and nutritious legumes, fast establishing ryegrass plus the wildlife sensation, chicory. Highly palatable forage for energy and protein needs of developing antlers and milking does. Designed to deliver a year-round, high quality, nutritional food plot.
Size: 11 Lb
Coverage: Up to 500 Sq Ft